What are VetBio-1 tests?

VetBio-1 tests use SPARCL technology that was developed by Lumigen. SPARCL assays use two biomarker specific antibody conjugates; one to horseradish peroxidase (HRP), the other to acridan, a chemilumiescent substrate. When both conjugates bind to their target biomarker, they are brought into proximity. Upon injection of hydrogen peroxide, HRP catalyzes oxidation of proximal acridan molecules causing a flash of luminescnce that is proportional to biomarker concentration. This allows the development of quick and simple VetBio-1 tests for a range of biomarkers.

Can VetBio-1 assays be run on any luminometer?

.No .The VetBio-1 tests are designed specifically for use with the relatively inexpensive VetBio-1 luminometer available form Veterinary Biomarkers, Inc.

What steps are involved in a VetBio-1 assay

.1. 0.1 ml of blank, standard and samples are added to separate tubes.
2. 0.5 ml of HRP/acridan conjugate mix is added to each tube.
3. After 45-min, tubes are inserted sequentially into the VetBio-1 luminometer (blank, standard, samples). Luminescence in each tube is measured after automatic injection of hydrogen peroxide.
4. The VetBio-1 software automatically calculates the biomarker levels in the samples.


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